Supporting the well-being and success of people, communities, projects, businesses across Scotland and beyond…….!

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Welcome to Life Trax!

Focusing, developing, empowering, enabling the young….and not so young….in a challenging World!

The challenges faced across our society have never been greater.

Within these uncertain political, economic and health/well-being times the need for support and care, direction and positivity is massive; a need that is increasing on a daily basis.

Life Trax works in the 4 Cs – Counselling, Consultancy, Coaching and Conservation to provide a partnership approach to:

  • listening, understanding and tackling…..the key issues
  • identifying…..the opportunities and forward positive actions
  • enabling…..the best approaches, responses and solutions
  • providing…..the highest level of care and support throughout

This is the context within which Life Trax delivers; showing and supporting the best way forward – for individuals and groups, businesses and families, complex projects and basic life demands!